Worrying offers you little value - only damage  

It's normal to stress about stuff now and then. But when you start spiralling about all the things that could go wrong, worrying takes over and tanks your mood hard.  We get trapped thinking we gotta agonize over every risk out there - from lame everyday problems to worst-case disaster scenarios. Research shows this constant what-iffing just sparks more anxiety while almost never helping solve anything. Worrying also drains all your energy and motivation to actually handle your biz.

 It might seem like endlessly speculating prepares you to control the uncontrollable. Psych! No amount of anguished imagination changes what the future holds or prevents your feared nightmares. Fate just does its thing, not caring at all about the mind games you play with yourself.

Compulsively worrying means fighting against uncertainty, which rules all our lives. Struggling against forces way bigger than you only leads to stress, not certainty or security. 

Instead of draining yourself in worrying quicksand, take small practical steps when you can. Staying grounded in the present also balances those useless projections tripping you up. No one finds peace going to war with the unknown 24/7. Why waste that mental energy on an unwinnable imaginary fight? Brighter times always emerge again even when life feels shaky. With trust that uncertainty won't defeat you, you can chill out and get back in the driver's seat of your mind. Our short video below, shares a poignant reminder about eliminating worry form your life. 

Quit the worrying and start living