David Lilley

After an unhappy and unsettled childhood, David Lilley developed a passion for understanding human happiness from an early age. As a student, he dove deep into the latest scientific research on what truly creates joy and contentment. He studied principles around gratitude, social bonds, self-care, finding meaning, and designing intentional days full of small, fulfilling practices. 

Over time, David became one of the most knowledgeable experts on the subject of sustainable well-being. He discovered that while many people wish to be happier, they lack a structured system to make it stick. 

So David developed the Thelkhum formula as a practical, research-backed way to partake in happiness-generating activities that sit with people's own desires and preferences, training one's mind and habits for consistent happiness.

Thelkhum guides users to shift their focus, relationships, and purpose through simple daily prompts and inspiration. Small tweaks make a big difference in how our brains are wired over time. Thelkhum users report feeling more energised, peaceful, motivated, and present after incorporating Thelkhum routines focused on appreciation, socialising, self-care, and meaning into each day.

As the respected creator of the Thelkhum happiness system, David transformed complex science into an easy-to-use framework for well-being. His expertise and passion for the subject shines through Thelkhum's effective, uplifting approach to sustaining joy day after day.