Finding your own unique version of happiness

If the answer to these two questions is yes, you are in a good place to find guidance and support. Welcome to the Thelkhum website. 


The truth is, there is ultimately only one person who can make you happy - and that person is you. When you consider and follow the principles of Thelkhum, you will begin to better understand the human brain and the ingredients of life that can take you on the first step towards inner fulfilment.

What is happiness?

Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion that you experience from time to time. It's made up of a symphony of thoughts, behaviours and personal relationships that are consistent in your life. Let's be clear, you will never be happy 100% of the time. Those who say they are 100% happy all of the time are most probably deceiving both you and themselves. 

Finding a place where you enjoy pre-dominant happiness 85% or more of the time would put you in the top percentage of the happiest people. 

As we explore the key ingredients for true happiness,  you will discover your unique blueprint for joy.  This includes asking yourself these four questions:

A significant portion of your future happiness sits behind the answers to these four crucial life questions.  

Thelkhum is here to illuminate your path. Why not use some our free insights and tools to create a life of fulfilment? 

The journey begins from within your mind.

      Concentrating on the key aspects of your life

Your life choices really do matter

Most people have a simple choice in life. We can all choose to 'drift and hope' or we can choose to 'plan and navigate'. Numerous studies prove that those who become conscious and committed to achieving their life desires, and who then create a step-by-step plan, have significantly increased prospects for career success and personal happiness. 

The Thelkhum formula works on the foundations of planning and navigating your life. We encourage the people we work alongside to consider their life values, their most passionate desires and then map out how to pursue and create a life of design. 

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